PowerBeats Pro vs Bose SoundSport Free:

A tough choice


Beats by Dre have released their first attempt at a pair of truly wireless earphones, and the result is surprisingly good! But how do they compare to the Bose SoundSport Free? 

If you listen to music mainly on an Apple device, and have the cash to spare, I believe the choice is pretty straightforward. Otherwise, it's a bit tougher to pick a clear winner.
Criteria and weight
PowerBeats Pro
Bose SoundSport Free
  • $250
    The SoundSport Free are currently about $50 cheaper than the PowerBeats Pro
  • The PowerBeats Pro have Apple's H1 chip, that guarantees very fast and convenient pairing with Apple devices
    They can only connect to one device at a time, and switching devices requires you to reconnect from the Bluetooth menu, which is a bit annoying if you have multiple devices.

    On my iPhone X: very noticeable audio delay when watching YouTube.

    They don't stop playing when you take them out of your ears
    If you have an Apple device, the PowerBeats Pro are much easier to pair, and are much more convenient to use with multiple devices
  • The charging case is very large, which means that you need large pockets or a bag to carry them around - except if you leave the charging case at home and just toss the earphones into your pocket
    Smaller case, about twice the height and very slightly wider than the AirPods' case.
  • The hooks and the light weight ensure that they always stay in your ears
    Even if the fins keep them in place, the fact that they stick out quite a bit means that they can get knocked out if you're not careful
  • If you have small ears like me, they can get a bit uncomfortable
    The fins can hurt your ears a little bit
    Both of them are very comfortable at first, but can get a bit uncomfortable during a long listening session
  • Not great, but get much better if you get Comply foams for them
    They don't go deep into the ear at all, much like the airpods, so you can hear outside noise really well
    None of them offer great noise isolation, but the Beats have the advantage of being compatible with Comply foams
  • The sound is clearer and less bass heavy than the previous generation of PowerBeats
    The bass isn't great because of the lack of noise isolation, but the sound is good
    Not a big difference in sound quality
  • If you like the design of the PowerBeats 3, you will love the PowerBeats Pro. They are not very discreet though, as they are pretty large due to the earhooks
    They stick out of your ears a lot, and are really large, which makes them look a bit weird
    I personally prefer the way the PowerBeats Pro look when you wear them
  • 9 hours, 24 hours in total with the case
    4 to 5 hours, 15 hours in total with the case
  • Both earbuds have the same controls: a volume rocker, and a multifunction button.
    The button is not very tactile